New Managed Switch Failure / Replacement Process

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New Managed Switch Failure / Replacement Process


Post by dnslynn »

I had an MS120 switch that has been in service for about a month fail on one port. Port 1, connected to an AP no longer provides an internet connection. The PoE circuit didn't fail however, and for a bit, I assumed that the AP had failed. The LEDs on the port didn't light up, and the AP kept trying to boot. Connecting the AP to another port (configured as AP) allowed it to run properly. I have spare ports so, I think I will run the AP this way for a while to see if it fails. (I see online that these devices have a lifetime warranty.)

I talked to GSC about getting it replaced and I was told that I would have to give it to the FM group before I could get a replacement. I'm not sure if this is true since I haven't spoken with the FM group yet. However, assuming it is true, I have a couple of questions. In this particular case, I could fairly easily revert to the previous configuration since I still have the standalone power injector and the building previously just used the three public ports on the firewall (no FHC in the building).

My first question is -- will the configuration of the ports on the firewall always remain as they were prior to the managed switch installation?

My second question is -- would the access point behave properly connected (as it was prior to the managed switch upgrade) directly to the firewall in a public port?

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Re: New Managed Switch Failure / Replacement Process


Post by russellhltn »

From what I've seen, when you install a managed switch for a building, the firewall is reconfigured. I don't think there's a way back. I ran into that issue when I accidently selected the wrong building when adding my first managed switch.

I wouldn't count on things working if you remove the switch.

I think the next step is to talk to FM and make a decision if it's worth getting the switch replaced for just one port.
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