Current position not preserved during navigation

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Current position not preserved during navigation


Post by goliveira »

Well, I don't know how nobody noticed this, but the Gospel App on windows don't preserve the current position when you open a new link from the current page on a new tab.

When you do this, it's like the previous page get's refreshed and the new tab opened. So the position is not preserved.
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Re: Current position not preserved during navigation


Post by spencerto »

You are probably correct. The navigation system is in need of an the content has changed and been tweaked so much over the years, the navigation system hasn't necessarily kept up.

The entire app is being considered for a re-design/re-build as Microsoft has introduced some new frameworks that will require it. We are at a point where we are debating how much effort we continue to invest into the existing code vs. just fix it in the new re-build as it could be a multi-year effort.
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