Win32 LDS Scriptures application

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Win32 LDS Scriptures application


Post by ahlstrombd »

I'm not sure how this is monitored, but I'm offering my services in relation to one of the Church's scripture study applications. It's on CD, and the official name of it is "The Scriptures: Authorized Version Including the Official Study Aids", CD-ROM Resource Edition 1.0.

This app has been around since 2001, and is by far the most effective research tool for the scriptures that I've ever found. I would hate to see it ever get orphaned due to OS changes, and I would absolutely love to see it ported to MacOS, iOS, and Android. Its search functionality is far superior to anything else out there. So, I'm just tossing this out hoping that someone who knows about this app can help me. I'm a developer with 27 years of experience on Win32, MacOS and iOS mobile platforms, and would be happy to start a Git repository shareable with the Church and this tech community for collaboration to bring this great technology forward. All I'd need is a snapshot of the source code as a place to start.

If there is any interest on this, please ping in response or contact me via my Church account, which I assume is accessible to those who run this site. Thanks!
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Re: Win32 LDS Scriptures application


Post by sbradshaw »

There are two Windows programs maintained by BYU – WordCruncher and its pared-down sibling LDS View – which build upon the same code as the Scriptures on CD-ROM. WordCruncher has an iOS version in addition to Windows (LDS View is only Windows). I've never used WordCruncher or LDS View, but that might give you a place to start! It looks like there's an email address if you use the Contact link in the top right on the WordCruncher site.
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Re: Win32 LDS Scriptures application


Post by silveira »

More than 70% of smartphone owners in the world uses Android (in South America, this percentage is greater than 85%).
However, an Android version of WordCruncher is not currently available to members, missionaries and leaders in these areas.
Wordcruncher has a wonderful bilingual feature, showing sriptures and General Conferences in a English/Portuguese synchronized interface.
This is a excellent resource, not only for studying the gospel or using its fantastic search engine, but also as a great way for foreign students to acquire English vocabulary.
What can be done to an Android version of WordChuncher be approved?
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Re: Win32 LDS Scriptures application


Post by lajackson »

silveira wrote:What can be done to an Android version of WordChuncher be approved?
WordCruncher is a program maintained by Brigham Young University. So any decision to create an Android version of the program would be up to the University. There should be contact information at the WordCruncher website.
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