Gospel Living - Circles Groups Not Working

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Gospel Living - Circles Groups Not Working


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I'm the primary president and we this year we split our primary activities for girls into two groups (7/8 year olds together and 9/10 year olds together). They wanted to use the circles feature in the gospel living app to communicate with each group separately. I was told to go into LCR (leader and clerk resources) and split the list. So I officially split the list in LCR and renamed them so I can now see we have two groups of girls. The girls are correctly listed in the right group. I thought that would automatically create two new circles - one for each group. When I log into the gospel living app and go to the circles tab it only shows "Primary Activities - Girls 9/10". It does not show the other group. The worst part is that the "Primary Activities - Girls 9/10" doesn't have the right girls on there! It's actually all the girls from the 7/8 group! It is definitely done correctly in LCR. I've looked about ten times! I've logged out and logged back in thinking it needed to sync. I've even deleted the app and reinstalled it and nothing is working. Can anyone help me figure this out? If we don't get it figured out they are going to go to another third party app for communication and I doubt I'll get anyone to switch over later. This was the perfect time to start using the circles for the new year and I was so excited to do this. Please help!
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Re: Gospel Living - Circles Groups Not Working


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I'd recommend sending feedback, on the Profile tab in Gospel Living. Hopefully someone there can fix it!
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