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Custom Birthday Report


Post by aaron.grames »

How would I create a custom report to show only birthdays in a certain time frame, and the gender of each of these members?

I am in Custom Reports but struggling to get what we are needing.
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Re: Custom Birthday Report


Post by jdlessley »

To create a report for birthdays between two days, say 1 Mar to 30 Jun, set the first element type to "Birthday" and the parameters to "Is or Is After", "Mar", and "1". Then select the "+ And" conjunctive function to add the second element. Set the second element type to "Birthday" and the parameters to "Is or is Before", "Jun", "30". After the elements are set then in the Steps to Create a Report column click "Select Columns" to add the information you want included in the columns for the members of your report. Since you want the gender then include (check) "Gender". You can now preview the report by clicking "Preview". If only Gender is the only column selected then the report will show the names in column 1 and the gender in column 2. If all the data for each member is set then you can save the report and print it.

Note that if you want to only include members with birth dates within a certain range then you will need to add two "Birth Date" elements to get the members in your desired birth date range. Additionally you can sort the report before printing. The default sort is by name (A to Z). For example if you want the members to be sorted by gender and then by name you would click the column title "Gender". The first click of the "Gender" title will set the gender order as "F" (female) first and "M" (male) second. The second click will revers that order.
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