Building Location not Loading

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Building Location not Loading


Post by mikerose »

I'm been the building scheduler for our Stake Ctr for the past 3 years. Up until this latest update, when I scheduled an event on the Calendar,
There was a field CALENDAR about mid page. it had an arrow on the far right side of the field, and when I clicked the arrow, my Stake
Ctr auto-filled in that field.

That fied is still there, however, when I tried scheduling a baptism this morning, I clicked on the field, but a blank blue bar appeared just below
the CALENDAR field. The software would not allow me to enter anything in either the CALENDAR field or blue bar. Unable to do anything in that
field, I moved on.

Lastly, there is a 3 choice field at the bottom: LOCATION. Under that, are the 3 choices: None, Church Facility, and Other. No matter which I click
on, it Highlites the CALENDAR field in red and says "Calendar is Required". Still won't let me enter anything there.

Bottom line: The SW won't auto-fill the field, nor will it let me enter the info manually. Since nothing appears in that field, it won't allow me to
enter any scheduling.

Not good.
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Re: Building Location not Loading


Post by russellhltn »

It seems to be working for me in my stake.

I'm thinking you don't have rights to any calendar, and for some reason, scheduling for the location has been turned off - leaving you unable to schedule. I'd suggest talking to a stake calendar administrator. Possibly a clerk or executive secretary - whoever it is that manages the calendars in your stake.
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