Prior Quarterly Report Data

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Prior Quarterly Report Data


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We formed a new stake in January 2021. So far, only one quarterly report has been done for this new stake. All 8 units in our new stake were transferred in from a previous stake - no boundary changes were involved. The wards moved intact to the new stake. It was a clean stake split.

I've been asked to pull together some historical numbers from old quarterly reports for the wards that were transferred to the new stake. Problem is, I cannot get any quarterly report data that was done while the wards were part of the prior (original) stake. I presume this is because the data is stored under the previous stake quarterly reports.

Is there any way that I (as the new stake) can get access to the quarterly report data for the wards in my stake that were compiled while they were part of the previous stake?

Does this question make any sense? Sorry if I'm confusing y'all.
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Re: Prior Quarterly Report Data


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Have you tried asking the wards to send you the information? I think that they should still have access to their quarterly reports from before the split (I'm pretty sure we did when our ward was in a similar situation).
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