Bar code scanner setup instructions

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Bar code scanner setup instructions


Post by AndrewTree »

On the "Issue New Temple Recommend" page in LCR there is a link that describes how to setup a bar code scanner. Where do I purchase the scanner? Is there a certain model I should purchase?

Currently, we just enter the barcode numbers by hand, however, I think this would be a nice option to provide to the clerks if it works well. Does anyone have any experience working with them? If so, what are your thoughts?

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Re: Bar code scanner setup instructions


Post by russellhltn »

A believe all stakes were provided a barcode scanner since they are the ones who do the activations. You might want to hunt around the clerks office to see if it was put away anywhere.

I'm not sure what the policy is on replacements. But I think most any "keyboard wedge" type scanner will work. (That's a scanner that appears to the computer like a keyboard.)
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