Print District Assignments/Name Only (RS)

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Print District Assignments/Name Only (RS)


Post by sherrypterry1 »

I need a report which is by District & Assignment but is name only (not all additional info). I've searched the forums and it appears this was a report which was available in the past but is not an option now.

I've found a work the Ministering tab, by selecting all assignments in the district by quarter then selecting print (save) selected assignments. This provides a "by district" list of the assignments BUT includes ALL data (address, phone etc over 17 pages).

I need the report for my Service Coordinators so service can be requested/assigned within the districts. They have access to addresses etc, just need an abbreviated report. I recognize the Tools app has this info but would like a report which the coordinators can quickly scan.

If this doesn't make sense, please comment & I'll try to explain.
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Re: Print District Assignments/Name Only (RS)


Post by davesudweeks »

If you print the "Interviews" list, it only shows the companionships and the sisters assigned (with places to check off the interview month which you can then ignore). No contact information. Hopefully this will be close enough for your needs.

If you want to print just a district, filter the list first before hitting the print button.
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