Consistent and Reliable PRIVACY SETTINGS

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Consistent and Reliable PRIVACY SETTINGS


Post by jared.grigg »

After a few hours, I can no longer pan for gold on this topic.

Can I get some support/confirmation regarding the PRIVACY settings on the member list?

I (ward clerk) use the LCR almost exclusively since that is where all the "power" for action lies. Some serious "privacy" concerns have arisen in the ward and I was confounded to manage it where i expected to manage it. The LCR has become the center of gravity for all our management and it's truely great. However, I noticed the Tools App had privacy functionality and visibility NOT present in the LCR? How is this even remotely possible/helpful? DNC requests are a serious thing and I'm struggling to find BMP or functionality in the LCR to assist.
The hodge-podge manner of leveraging the website directory, in conjunction with the mobile app, and manually auditing the LCR seems unreal and definitely not sustainable to respect the "privacy" or be in compliance with increasing pressure and regulations.

Am I missing something?
Thank you in advance for your contributions/suggestions.
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Re: Consistent and Reliable PRIVACY SETTINGS


Post by russellhltn »

I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think you can manage member's privacy settings except though the Member Tools app.

I'm sure there's a plan to add that in LCR, but all such changes are prioritized given the limited availability of development staff.
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Re: Consistent and Reliable PRIVACY SETTINGS


Post by davesudweeks »

jared.grigg wrote: Tue Nov 09, 2021 8:33 amDNC requests are a serious thing and I'm struggling to find BMP or functionality in the LCR to assist.
There are other posts discussing member requests for no contact. The challenge is, how does one balance a member's legitimate request to not be contacted with the Lord's direction that we watch over and care for each other. It appears to me that this has only become worse during the pandemic as units gravitated to (sometimes excessive) text and email contact. Based on those other posts, I would guess that waiting for an option from the church will be a very long wait. For our ward, we have made all those individuals private - leadership only visibility and have communicated their desires through the ward council.
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