Stake center camera for broadcast

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Stake center camera for broadcast


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We have a nice camera in the stake center that we want to use for Stake Confrence. It was last used when we were using the Satellite system. It is a nice system but I don’t know what we need to do to hook this up to a computer to broadcast on Zoom? Can anyone help me out? Attached are some pictures of the camera.

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Re: Stake center camera for broadcast


Post by lajackson »

Somewhere the camera feed comes into the rack. Somewhere else in the rack, the video feed comes out. That is probably the best place to snag the video to send it to Zoom.

My stake center video comes out of an RCA plug. I have to send the RCA video into a little box that converts it to HDMI. Then I take the HDMI output into a video capture device that converts the HDMI video to USB. The USB end of the device goes into my laptop where, with the right settings, it is accepted as a Zoom video input.

There are some posts in the Broadcasts and Conferences area of the forum that include good suggestions on how to deal with this challenge. Look for the one that discusses running a stake conference with remote participants.
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Re: Stake center camera for broadcast


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lajackson wrote: Thu Nov 25, 2021 10:02 am Somewhere else in the rack, the video feed comes out.
In this case, that somewhere is on the front of the rack. It is the yellow jack labeled "video out" found on the left side of the "EMtech" device. Make sure the selector switch to the right of it is set to "Camera".
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