Notebook Organization Suggestion

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Notebook Organization Suggestion


Post by hulmeman »

Hello! I'm new here, and really don't know the proper way to make a feature request, so I apologize if this in the wrong place or if this has been discussed previously. Hopefully an app developer will see this.

I recently began moving all of my physical journal records into the Gospel Library "Notebooks." I use the app on my Pixel 5 as well as the app through the Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

One thing that drives me crazy about the current layout of each Notebook is how the notes are organized. When you make an entry, it's placed in ascending chronological order, aka the most recent is placed at the very bottom of the list. So rather than seeing my most recent entries at the top of the list that get updated each time I write, I see the same old entry every single time. The "Journal Entries" tab already has this feature, where you can choose to filter from "Newest" to "Oldest." I'd like this feature in the "notebooks" tab.

It'd also be great if we could choose a date for each notebook entry, and use that data to categorize entries. I know we can "timestamp" it, but that doesn't work for retroactive entries, nor does it help in categorizing entries. Also, editing an old notebook entry will categorize it as if it's a recent entry, this totally messes up any kind of chronological order.

Anyways, hope this ends up in the right hands. If I need to send it elsewhere, please point me in the right direction. Thanks.
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Re: Notebook Organization Suggestion


Post by jdlessley »

hulmeman wrote: Thu Nov 25, 2021 11:10 am Hopefully an app developer will see this. ...
Anyways, hope this ends up in the right hands.
Even if a developer does see this thread they do not set programing priorities or make development decisions. Use the in app Help > Send Feedback menu item to get your suggestion(s) to the decision makers.
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Have you tried finding your answer on the Help Center?
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