Advancing Sunday School Students

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Advancing Sunday School Students


Post by cp91080 »

Sorry if this was posted in the wrong forum.

How do I go about advancing Primary Students to the Class 11 Sunday School Class? I was hoping that everyone would have been moved up today (the first of the year, but that didn't happen.

Thank you in advance for your help.
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Re: Advancing Sunday School Students


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It will happen automatically, but may take a little more time for all the year end processes to finish.
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Re: Advancing Sunday School Students


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At the bottom of this post: viewtopic.php?p=229517#p229517 you can see that the class moves will happen after the quarterly report processing (that takes more than 24 hours). We should be patient. You may have to provide other information to the Class 11 instructor(s) for who to expect in their class since I would guess the processing may not be complete before tomorrow given that Sunday is on Jan 2 this year.
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