LCR, Entering prior year donations

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LCR, Entering prior year donations


Post by murdock20m »

Fin clerk here,

I am working remotely due to 2 Sundays of snow and Covid. I will need to talk/Zoom a newish Bishop and counselor (sometime this week) through entering prior year donations (2021) into LCR or MLS.
Entering the current year (2022) donations is straight forward. However, PrePandemic & in person I've never before needed to create a donation batch dated 31 Dec of the previous year in LCR.

By the time someone reads this you may have experience creating a 31 Dec prior year batch?

The last Sunday in Dec this year was the 26th. We can't simply enter the "postmarked in prior year" under that date as the postmarks
may be after the 26th yet before the end of the year. (Due to the snow, donations were not recorded on 26 Dec. So now we just click "26 Dec - no donations"? Then enter prior years all in a 31 Dec batch?)

(I did read the LCR help section re: prior year donations, and we do file the postmarked envelopes with the donation records.)

Thanks, Jan 2, 2022
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Re: LCR, Entering prior year donations


Post by eblood66 »

I haven't done a prior year batch in LCR but based on how it was done in MLS, I'm pretty sure you just start a batch with the Batch Date set to 12/31/2021 and then enter all donations received or postmarked before the end of the year in that batch.
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Re: LCR, Entering prior year donations


Post by davesudweeks »

In the MLS days, you could enter as many 12/31 donation batches as needed. If checks were mailed just prior to the end of the year, they could show up over several weeks. Hopefully you can do the same with LCR.
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