New Leader Recommendations Flow

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New Leader Recommendations Flow


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it's pretty hard when you are the Stake President and you have to call a new bishop. It's a whole revelation process, but the issue here is when you have to send the proposal to the Area Presidency and then await for First Presidency approval (or not) you have to follow in faith, once is not possible to follow up the workflow processes steps for each milestone on the new bishop's proposal.

My suggestion is the following steps on the workflow for the Stake President profile view:

1) Stake President submited the New Leader Recommendation
2) Area Presidency received the proposal
3) Area Presidency Approved and submit to The First Presidency approval
4) First Presidency analysing
5) First Presidency approved/or Not Approved the call

Well, this is just a suggestions.

Thanks dear friends, your work are incredible.

Best Regards,

Denis Pedro
Santo André Brazil Stake
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