Leaders uploading photos - Member Tools APP

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Leaders uploading photos - Member Tools APP


Post by fernandezjj2003 »

Hi Tech Support Forum -

I am wondering if ward leaders (Bishopric, Relief Society Pres, Elders Quorum Pres, etc) can upload individual photos on the Member Tools APP for our ward directory to have a name and a face together. We have members that we are helping with becoming active in the gospel again as well as missionary work with part-member families and it would be so much easier for us to see a name and face in our ward Tools Directory. We can take photos of individuals, but do we have the authority to upload their photo on this APP?

Please clarify who and how others can upload photos of members into the LDS Tools APP.

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Re: Leaders uploading photos - Member Tools APP


Post by BrianEdwards »

This post from 2016 is still on the Church website, I'm not aware of anything more current (but you never know what's out there...):
Add Photos to Your Ward Directory on ChurchofJesusChrist.org
Near the end it states "Before your photos will be viewable, they have to be approved by an administrator (usually a member of the bishopric)". So yeah, that's nicely vague :roll:
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Re: Leaders uploading photos - Member Tools APP


Post by jdlessley »

Only members of the bishopric and the ward clerk, assistant ward clerk, and assistant ward clerk - membership can manage (upload) photos on behalf of members. (ref: LCR access table) "All individuals in the photo have given their consent to its posting. If an individual is a minor, the minor’s parent or legal guardian must grant consent." (ref: Photo Upload Guidelines)
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Re: Leaders uploading photos - Member Tools APP


Post by Mikerowaved »

Members can also be encouraged to upload their own photos using the iOS or Android Tools app.
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