Scrolling while listening to voice reader

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Scrolling while listening to voice reader


Post by mitchellotis42 »

So, I like to have the reader read for me on 2.25x speed and I just follow along. The problem is, that when I'm in the browser, if I scroll down as the reader is going, it stops reading. I've been using chrome, switched to firefox, does the same thing. I don't have this problem in the app on the phone. I can't download the app on my computer because it is a work computer that doesn't allow it. Would love to be able to scroll down without speaker stopping to read in browser.
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Re: Scrolling while listening to voice reader


Post by mevans »

This is a user-to-user forum. Sometimes church employees visit, but in order for your suggestion to be considered by decision makers at the church, you need to submit this problem as Feedback. The Feedback link can be found at the bottom of most pages (in study tools it's at the bottom of the left panel). When you submit any feedback about a problem on the church website, you'll likely get a canned response telling you that most problems on the church website can be solved by clearing your cookies. You can save yourself a step by clearing your cookies and verifying it's still a problem and then telling them that you've already tried clearing your cookies. The initial people receiving your request may not be technical, but for something like this, maybe that person would try to duplicate the problem. You may need to interact with the response over email a few times in order for the feedback to be properly received.
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Re: Scrolling while listening to voice reader


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This doesn't fix the problem, but as a workaround, you could try listening to the audio from your phone and reading along on your computer.
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