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FamilySearch Desktop Program


Post by garysturn »

From the Q&A question about the future of PAF, a new FamilySearch Open-Source program for the desktop is mentioned. I am assuming this will allow people to use thier Family History lines from new FamilySearch off line. With this program being open-source the possibilites for its functions are unlimited. What types of functions would people like to see this new program do?

Quote from Q&A below:
FamilySearch Open-Source Desktop

In the future the Church will announce the opening of a FamilySearch desktop project in order to work with "open source" developers on a desktop application that can read and write data in the new FamilySearch application using the FamilySearch API. This project will have a code base that can be portable for Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, and Linux.

Read the entire Q&A entry
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Post by russellhltn »

I'd like to see Ohana Software put their search engine into FamilySearch. PAF Insight does a much better job of finding and filtering.

The second would be to some how add web-based multimedia extensions to FamilySearch (kinda like what's done in the labs.)
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Post by lawrence.sproul »

It is esssential to be able to detect cyclic connections; e.g. a father recorded as his own son.

in most cases, such cyclic connections are a result of an inapropriate merge of two or more records.
It would be nice if the software could suggest the most likely "bad merges" which set up each cycle.
The recomendation function would require a comparison of merged records and may require adjustment of the API for proper functionality.
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Post by JamesAnderson »

Family Tree will take care of a lot of the 'bad merges', because it doesn't work on the 'combining' model of working with all the multiple entries for a person.

Instead, it will follow a 'wiki' style model, where you change data, and a change log will exist for each person in the tree. So you'll be able to clear out these bad merges where the father is his own son, etc.
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