Fill in the blank PDF versions of Church History Forms

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Can this be translated


Post by rggoodie »

I have a copy of the Family group Sheet and the pedigree chart in Spanish

Who can translate these and make them fillable
Family Group Record (Spanish).pdf
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Pedigree Chart (Spanish).pdf
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Post by subrodragon-p40 »

I can make them fillable this week however I can't make them save-able but one step at a time at least.
In terms of translating they are in english up above if you need another language perhaps another member can translate them into other languages.
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Pedigree chart in spanish needed


Post by mabelha »

can someone help me to have the pedigree chart in spanish please????

thank you
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Excel Pedigree Chart


Post by mrcamopants »

I've been working on this excel version of the pedigree chart. I like it because I can continually expand it and hyperlink the continued pages. I might eventually add family group records to it, let me know what you think and if there is anything else I should do to it or if I'm wasting my time and there is a better way. I think it works great if you know a little about excel.

The .xls file is for Excel 97-2003
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Post by aebrown »

What is the purpose of these charts? It looks like it generates a nice-looking set of blank charts, but it doesn't seem like it is designed to have data filled in to it.

There are any number of genealogy products out there (PAF and some other free applications, and a host of reasonably priced applications) that will print cascading pedigree charts, and will fill in your data as well. And they can print blank forms if that's what you need.

I wouldn't necessarily say you're wasting your time, but since there are so many free ways to accomplish essentially the same result, I'm wondering if there might be a better use of your time in some other area.
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downloading fill in the blank group record


Post by bramarts »

I am having trouble acquiring this email user form and very much want it. Why can't I get it from this site?
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Post by LaNae45 »

When I send these files some families are able to open them and some are not. Some files open but but are not saveable. Any suggestions to fix this problem?
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Post by russellhltn »

Which files are you using? The ones in post #12 are Excel files. If the families don't have Excel or a compatible program, they can't use it.
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Re: Fill in the blank PDF versions of Church History Forms


Post by mnelson4 »

Similar to the research log PDF you've created, this is a website for tracking your family history research log online: In addition to being a publicly accessible research log, it can also make tips based on other users research logs.
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Re: Fill in the blank PDF versions of Church History Forms


Post by LovenBlake »

Do you have any Legal size fillable charts? I would love a fillable legal size Pedigree chart and fillable legal size family group sheet.
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