Reconciliation Error

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Reconciliation Error


Post by PNMarkW2 »

Our financial clerk was doing our December reconciliation this past Sunday and came across an odd error.

November 2009 was fine and in balance.

After entering the data from our December 2009 statement (beginning balances, interest, etc), we have one outstanding check from December for 351.23, no other items, no temporary items.

We get to the report screen and find a tithing balance of 66,295.03, Fast Offering of 6,893.67, Missionary of 10,836.96 leaving us with some serious unreconciled differences. We have no idea where these values are coming from, the beginning balances show zero, and as I said November zeroed out just fine.

Now if we go back and look at a previous months (I know, a bad idea) we see the same unreconciled differences each time, even though each month had previously balanced just fine.

We did have an issue closing year end (it's in another thread), but year end did close and all was well.

Any thoughts?
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Post by lajackson »

PNMarkW2 wrote:We did have an issue closing year end (it's in another thread), but year end did close and all was well.

Any thoughts?
Yes. My first thought is that the year end did close but all was not well. You will probably have the help desk and the developers involved with this one before all is said and done.

It sounds as if there was a problem with the closing and your database is not correct.
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Post by crislapi »

My only thought, which I doubt is the problem, is did you remember to enter the ending balances on the first screen? That would explain why November balanced and December doesn't. However, it doesn't explain why going back now, every month is off that same amount, which is why I don't think this is your problem.

Instead, I agree that is sounds like something happened to your database and you'll have to get GHD involved to fix the issue.
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Post by calebpusey »

It has to do with the way MLS closed the year. At some point the transfers for all of the categories that you have balances in didn't clear properly. Call Clerk Support and have them put your unit on the reconcile schedule because there are balance forward adjustments that need to be entered.
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