Does anyone know what I need to make this work?

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Does anyone know what I need to make this work?


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Hey everyone! I don't know much about hooking up my Sony EVID30 to my computer. It came with a power cable, and another one which appears to be the visca cable. I bought a Easycap capture 2.0 USB video adaptor to connect my camera to my PC. I think it was the wrong device because when I tried plugging the RCA composite in, it didn't even fit the back of the d30. Plus I don't have a serial port on my laptop to connect the Visca am buying the RS232 convertor USB cable.

So does anyone know what I need to connect my Sony EVI D30 to my computer? I'm basically using it as a web camera and video streaming. Please if anyone could help, that would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks so much ...
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