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Post by chriswoodut-p40 »

The site is in beta but there is nowhere that I can find on that site to email anybody about bugs -- how incredibly frustrating. If you want my ideas to improve your site, you really gotta give me a way to easily submit issues. (That is a huge issue.)

I tried to post a job as an employer and it didn't like my formatting of my job description. It told me to break up paragraphs and maybe that would do it. Obviously the program knows what is wrong, it should either fix it or be specific. I had a pure text description that I pasted and couldn't make it work. I gave up. The site should do whatever it needs to for me and not make me jump through hoops guessing what it wants. Make life as easy as possible for employers or it won't get used.

Last, when searching resumes, if you scroll to the bottom while reading the names and info about each person, you get to the bottom of the page. There is no Next/Previous link at the bottom of the page so I naturally assumed I only had one page of search results. It was about 30 minutes later of messing with it that I realized the Next/Previous links are at the TOP of the search results. Those REALLY need to be duplicated at the bottom too.

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working on finding something for you


Post by rmrichesjr »

I happen to know of someone who may know someone who can help. (Networking can be so fun. :-) I emailed him. I'll post if he has info that can be shared about how/where to report issues/suggestions.
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Post by Mikerowaved »

I agree, Chris, I scoured the jobs website myself and could not find a link for providing feedback, although it was obvious someone knew how (or it was there at one time) as there were some examples of suggestions posted and ways to comment on those, but no way to add a new suggestion. Hopefully we can get the word through to the right people. Thanks for bringing this up for discussion.
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Post by techgy »

The only thing they suggest for feedback is to contact a local employment center. Not a very useful feedback idea.
If you have a question that is not answered on LDS Jobs – Help, or if you have a solution to a problem that you would like to share, please seek assistance at your nearest LDS Employment Resource Center. Thank you! We hope you have a positive experience using
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Post by greenwoodkl »

Techgy wrote:The only thing they suggest for feedback is to contact a local employment center. Not a very useful feedback idea.
And I'm sure that Bro. and Sis. Smith, the lovely retired couple at your local employment center, are experts on how to solve technical website issues on this Beta site with a FAQ done on WordPress. :p

Seriously, I also wanted to leave feedback. For example, I am very, VERY frustrated as a currently unemployed technical guy to try and find technical positions. I am not too fond of filtering through all results nor trying to guess keywords. The old posting system at least categorized jobs into Computer and Technical, Automotive, etc... ARGH! :mad:

Though in general the new UI and tools look awesome with some great potential!
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Post by kurtfk »

The person to contact about is Justin Young. I believe he is the main developer. You can find him in LinkedIn at the following address:

I agree, this "Beta" version has great promise, but it's been frozen in time for about the last year. Compared with other job search engines like or, it's pretty frustrating to work with. There is no link whatsoever between the job postings and the companies that are hiring. Usually you have to go to the company's actual website and try to figure out what opening the posting was referring to.
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