Agent Ward billed last year, recorded this year

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Agent Ward billed last year, recorded this year


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We are the agent ward. We began this in Oct 2009. At the end of 2010, we gave the other 2 wards a bill for our charges which they paid. We purchased a 2 toners for our copy machine around 12/9/9. These were included in the bill.
In looking at getting a bill ready for the other words after this quarter, I noticed the toners didn't recorded by the church until January's statement, so those toners(about 250$) are on this years budget.

I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas here. I can't bill those wards again for those, since they already paid in December, and it's putting a big hit into our ward's budget for this year. Any ideas?
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Talk to the stake. All budget funds remain in the stake once they've been disbursed from CHQ. The stake handles them however they'd like. Most stakes pull all remaining budget funds from the wards at the end of the year. If you had a surplus at the end of last year, you may be able to convince the stake to increase this year's budget allotment by the amount of the expense that should have been charged to last year. Technically, if the expense had showed up last year, that surplus wouldn't have been there anyway.
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