Tracking/Reporting Primary Achievement Records

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Tracking/Reporting Primary Achievement Records

Postby orgsavvy-p40 » Sun May 23, 2010 10:53 pm


Is there a program which tracks Faith in God Achievements for the various years 8-11 within the church?

We are looking for a program we could use on our website that would allow the parents / child and their leaders to report to one another of the progress made during each month or week. Preferrably something that is very secure to any other users.

If it doesn't exist, is a program currently in the works?

It would be absolutely wonderful if we had a program that allowed the parents/child and their leaders to report their progress via on-line tracking system which would create an e-mail message to one or the other informing them of the child's progress and achievements (through notes and alterations to their record). Also allowing for a monthly report to be printed by the Faith in God coordinator to submit to the various auxillaries during planning meetings, informing them of upcoming graduates from the program needing interviews, etc. It would also allow the primary presidency to view which children are in need of more assistance outside of their homes.

Each individual record should track progress of the individual child, and allow a leader to print a group record of their assigned ages achievements or deficits, also. It would be useful for the individual record (child) to be "moved" to another ward or stake with them as membership records are moved in order to allow the new leaders access to that child's achievements...learning what it is the child needs as well.

Allowing the parents and leaders to have access to the same information will keep both informed, helping us know how to assist the family in their efforts and who is in need of less or more assistance. Upcoming events and activities would also allow for the leaders to get a report from the parents whether or not the child completed a task that was begun during their activity but also required follow-up at home. Sometimes those who are not getting as much assistance at home fall through the cracks and are found a few weeks or months before they turn twelve, to be highly deficient in achieving their awards, leaving them to accomplish requirements as "tasks" instead of character and testimony builders.

If we had a better tracking and reporting system between parents and leaders, it would also allow the parents and child to go over their calendar each week and work on a requirement they are lacking or wanting to complete early.

This program could allow for other auxillaries to track information about the child while they are growing through the various programs in the church set-up to assist the family in their efforts, i.e. Personal Progress and Duty to God, CubScouts requirements, Scouting program, Seminary, etc. Wouldn't it be great to be able to print off for a child their achievements over the past year and show them what great progress they are making and remind them of the experiences they have had which have made them stronger in their faith and testimonies of the gospel?

Thank you for your time!

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Re: Tracking/Reporting Primary Achievement Records

Postby suze » Thu Oct 22, 2015 1:55 pm

I was just going to post this exact question. If there was any Faith in God (similar to the YW Personal Progress excellent online tracking) that was possibly in the works?? So many of these young kids are on electronics and what a great resource to get them onto a church site! Great Sunday CAN they can maybe do with their parents!

Is anyone aware if this is on the table at all?

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Re: Tracking/Reporting Primary Achievement Records

Postby russellhltn » Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:12 pm

suze wrote:Is anyone aware if this is on the table at all?

The church rarely tells us about what's in the works until it's just about to be released.
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