Where and when has NFS gone live?

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Where and when has NFS gone live?


Post by rmrichesjr »

In other threads, mention has been made that the New FamilySearch has already started to go live, and that it will take about 18 months until all temple districts have switched to it. I think it would be interesting to know what temple districts have gone live so we can watch it roll out over the globe. (The allusion to the stone in Daniel's dream was intended.) Also, I think it would be interesting to hear of any changes in system function from the recent (early 2007) beta to the live system.
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NFS live in St Louis Temple District


Post by garynevels »

The new family search program has been released to all members in the St Louis temple district just this week.
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Post by Gaerman111-p40 »

This was in January 2007, we are now in July, is there any progress?
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Post by mkmurray »

Gaerman111 wrote:This was in January 2007, we are now in July, is there any progress?
Actually, these two posts are from June.
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Post by thedqs »

Gaerman111 wrote:This was in January 2007, we are now in July, is there any progress?

The only thing with nFS that I know was going on in Jan was the planning of releasing nFS to selected stakes. It was still in beta for a few months after that and as mike said these posts are from june. (The one about St. Louis getting the new system was actually late June)
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Post by RonaldF-p40 »

Live in St Louis, Reno and Snowflake next. Rumor has it going to the small temples first, and then the larger, with the Utah temples last. This is just rumor. Can anyone verify?
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Post by russellhltn »

When I talked to Mike, I suggested that maybe they were doing the "snow belt" temples while the weather was good and saving the tropical ones for winter. He didn't deny it. :D

I get the sense that the first roll outs will be slow, but once they learn how to do it, the pace will pick up.
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Look to the temple for clues


Post by ghoffman »

I think clues to impending implementation area will be seen in the preparations at each particular temple. The rollout of the new, barcoded temple recommend seems to be happening in parallel to the nFS rollout. Workers in the San Diego temple are reporting installation of barcode scanners and they've promised to tell me when the recommend desk workers are trained to accept the nFS name "manifest" document. I think the training will be minimal since nFS replaces only the name submission method, not the internal temple procedures to track names undergoing ordinances.

Of course, I could be way off base on these assumptions.

Does anyone know how this is announced within the temple district? Was there a big meeting of the stake or was it just announced in wards? Or did the temple just start telling people the new way to submit names?

I've already guessed the URL for New Familysearch.Org and you can probably do the same. Try to register and if you don't succeed, it's because nFS is not available in your area. You'll be given a polite notice that when it becomes available, you'll be notified through priesthood channels.
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Post by JamesAnderson »

According to a post on FHCNET there is a letter that is sent out via the priesthood line, and a packet sent to FHC directors, which contains a DVD and other paper materials on the switchover.

This happens approximately or at least 90 days before the temples switch over in the areas they will be rolling it out in as they go forward. Beyond that, things are still a bit unclear as to when and how the FHCs are notified that it's OK to toss the TempleReady program and start doing only NFS submissions.
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Post by russellhltn »

Here's a data point for you:

- The bar code scanner has shown up in the stake office
- The temple was recently closed for work
- The FHC director received the DVD (but she's also the regional FHC director), but no other announcement has been made
- nFS rejects my attempt to create a login

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