Linkage to "My Study Notebook" on

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Linkage to "My Study Notebook" on


Post by pwilson »

Is there any plan to link the notes in Gospel Library with the "My Study Notebook" on I had thought that earlier this year there was something like this on the road map.

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Post by brock.butler »

i like that idea it a good collaboration of all types of media
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Post by drkelly »

It's on the list of things to do.
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Link to "My Study Notebook"


Post by pwaldrop2 »

Shouldn't this be about the main priority at this point. It really makes no sense unless they're linked!
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Post by djdinut1 »

Will the function be that my notes, highlighting, underlining, etc. on Gospel Library on my device will sync to "My Study Notebook" on and vice-versa, or will it simply be that I can back up my device items to I hope it will be an actual sync and add my vote that this should be a priority item.
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Agreement on Linkage


Post by dwightbuchanan »

I think it's critical to have linkage but it needs to be thought of. I have had some health issues last year that has led me to be using at least three different pieces of hardware to access the scriptures. My Win7 laptop, iPad, and iPhone are all used. I haven't done as much marking as I don't see how it has been saved and I don't want to do it and lose it.

I would like to have access to the study notebook from each device and be able to do updates on each and have them receive updates from the others. If I have made conflicting changes on devices then hold them and have them held for me to decide or merge...i.e. I have made two different sets of notes to a common verse....hold them and let me decide which should go on....or both go on, or join them.

I used Yanceyware on my handheld for many years. I read the scriptures there and made many mark-ups and many footnotes on all my scriptures. I want to get the markups and footnotes migrated...haven't figured out how to do that yet. I never physically marked my paper scriptures....not very good at it....I went crazy with Yanceyware as I could mark and make notes and link to verses in the notes I wanted to link with. I left stories in the notes from conferences and feelings from the Spirit. I would look at them as I read the scriptures during study each time I saw them. I miss not seeing them now.
Now that I am retired from IBM I would like to get that stuff migrated onto notes in these scriptures...Hopefully I can get that done....I would like to have more notes in my scriptures....they can come from iPhone, Ipad, or my laptop or access signed in from another person's depends on where I am as to what I have...I want all the notes and bookmarks common for me...that's another frustration....I read on my iPad but sometimes I am somewhere where the iPhone is the only thing with me....bookmarks aren't synchronized so I have to try to remember and my health issue has impacted some of my memory so I can't easily remember where I am reading...common book marks would be great. Sorry to have chatted so long...if anyone has any questions please ask me what I see.
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Link missing when trying to access My Study Notebook


Post by dlynns »

After I have logged in, when I try to access "My Study Notebook", it goes to a missing page. Is there something I am doing wrong?
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