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Beta sites


Post by allenjblodgett »

There are,, &

I'm wondering when we will see other church sites getting a makeover, like,,,, They are nice, but it would be nice to see them get redone in a more user friendly format that we are seeing on other church websites.

Any thoughts?
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Post by lajackson »

allen.blodgett wrote:There are,, &

I'm wondering when we will see other church sites . . .

I fully expect that they all will be updated, one at a time, starting with the three you mentioned first.
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Post by JamesAnderson » is anticipated to be rolled over into either late this year or early next year, they have made substantial progress recently, a lot has changed just in the last month particularly, so that will come close to that projected time.

The only thing that won't be included there for some time into next year will be what we call now nFS (new FamilySearch), but eventually it will be there with a new name, the 'Family Tree feature'.
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