Anyone had luck using ePub scriptures on Nook?

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Anyone had luck using ePub scriptures on Nook?


Post by shanebankhead »

We just got a new Nook and are loving it. I was excited to load the Book of Mormon and Bible (ePub format, downloaded from the Wiki). But I was disappointed that they didn't work. I can read through one page at a time, but if I try to go to a specific chapter using the bookmarks, it crashes the device.

Obviously, without the ability to look up a book & chapter, it's pretty useless.

I'm curious if this is a known issue on the nook. I have no idea if it would be an ePub formatting issue, or an issue with the Nook platform. I've loaded several other ePub books with no problems. However the Scriptures have more complicated indexing, so I assume that's where it's getting confused.

Any ideas?

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Post by jeffgrout01 »

I've had some luck using .pdf versions (mainly Institute manuals) and being able to go the the front index and being able to scroll down this index to the book or chapter of choosing that is listed in this index. This however, will not work with the Triple Combination. Your mileage may vary with other books.
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Post by harmerweb »

The epubs do work but they are VERY slow on the Nook. As the book is loading or changing chapters the Nook may appear to lock up but if you wait, eventually the book shows up. This would not be good for scripture chase:) but for serial reading it is OK.

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works for me try this website for everything


Post by JBeenken »

works for me try this website for everything

I did mine for free from somewhere and I have the Bible, Book Of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price with illustrations just keep looking free lds epub scriptures
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Post by SNRote »

I have a Kindle and am trying to get the same thing figured out. I want to be able to access Book of Mormon and the Bible or bible lessons quickly. So I should search free LDS ePub Scriptures? Any other suggestions on items you have downloaded and use as references?
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