Donations with electronic funds - still given to bishopric?

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Donations with electronic funds - still given to bishopric?


Post by les_w_powrie-p40 »

With the advent of electronic fund transfers, and there not being money in donations, is the policy still firm on it being given to members of the bishopric?

With cash I can see that there should be no change. With cheques it is also certainly advisable to follow policy and give it to a member of the bishopric.

I can see the protection for members and their having the spirit of donating through the correct channels. That can only bring blessings.

I recently was asked by a less active member while home teaching to take a payment confirmation report and process the tithing. I said that it should go to a member of the bishopric, and invited her to attend Church and hand it in. She then gave it to her visiting teacher.

Where there is no actual money, the money already being in the Church account, and almost certainly no risk of loss or defalcation, is the policy still absolute?

I am not looking for loopholes, just to see if guidance has already been given in this regard.
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Post by jbh001 »

This is a difficult question to answer without delving into a policy discussion, which is outside the scope of these forums.

When she declined to deliver it herself by going to church, why not tell her to mail it to the bishop?

Also, if the tithing/donations were already processed electronically, there would likely be nothing left for the local unit to "process;" all that would need to be done at that point would be for her to declare her tithing status to the bishop.

I don't see how the local unit could "process" a payment confirmation report since the unit won't be depositing any funds from that report.
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Post by russellhltn »

jbh001 wrote:I don't see how the local unit could "process" a payment confirmation report since the unit won't be depositing any funds from that report.
I don't know either, but then I don't know how it's done in South Africa.

While there may not be much concern about theft, I'd think there would still be a concern about confidentiality.

I think the best answer here is to ask the Bishop. If this were the US, I'd think the suggestion for mailing it would be good, but again, I don't know what it's like there.
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Post by wrigjef »

I would think a Bishop would want to know who was donating and would like and opportunity to thank them.
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Post by mamadsen »

Mailing is an acceptable way of paying tithing when not done in person. The HT could deliver a few of the donation slips and envelopes to the family.
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