Scriptures for an AT&T 8525

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Scriptures for an AT&T 8525


Post by annmarie-p40 »

I have tried using the various readers for reading the scriptures on my PDA, and have been unsuccessful every time. Does anyone know which one will work with my PDA, and explain to me how to make it work? It's been very frustrating as I'd love to have it there since I am on the road all the time and it would be an awesome way to read the scriptures during downtime.


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Post by WelchTC »

The only one the Church officially released and supported was the EZ-Reader. However the Church has since discontinued active support for it. You can, however, still find archives to it on the Church's web site here. It works on most Palm based computers as well as many Microsoft Windows CE products. However, because the product has not been updated in so many years, it may not work on newer devices. Which device do you have?

I wrote the EZ Reader program in my previous "life" and when I sold my company, I did not sell EZ Reader but I stopped developing on it as the revenue stream dried up. I was unaware that the Church was still developing content for it.

I've had one person ask for the source code so he could do a conversion to the decryption to make it work on an iPhone. I'd consider making this project open source if there are anyone out there interested in working on it.

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Post by skiptaylor »

From what I found on your PDA, it's running Microsoft Windows® Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC.

The Yanceyware reader is supported on Windows Mobile 5.0. I use Yanceyware on my Pocket PC and really like it. Their homepage is They have all the standard works there and a lot (!) of the other Church books as well.

The reader is donation-ware and so far all the e-books for it are no-charge.
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Post by MHowlett-p40 »

I use the Cingular 8125 which is the cheaper version of the same phone. I have had this phone for about a year now, but have used scriptures on a PDA for about 2 years. On this phone I have used the following two products:

YanCEyWare - avskip mentioned this one. This is a good reader with plenty of content available on the LDS site, as well as on the yanceyware.comsite. There are other locations where you can get content for this, or you can make your own following the instructions provided on the Yanceyware site. This is great software and you can even customize the library following HTML coding instructions provided the Yanceyware site. I have tried this once, did not have the time to really get into it, but was able to download an already created library shell which looks good.
This program is designed to be used with touch screen phones so it works well for the 8125 and 8525. You can, however, customize the buttons to your liking to minimize having to get out the pointer thingy (brainlaps). This is donation-ware so if you find it useful you can donate on the Yanceyware site.

Mobipocket - This is also free and there no donation option that I found. There is lots of available content for this software on the LDS site, and plenty more on the mobipocket.comsite. There is a lot more non-LDS content available for this product, but much of it is not free. I recently purchased a package that included thousands of LDS books and non-LDS classics as well as other things. It works great, but after replacing my phone recently I have not added the Mobipocket back on yet. Makes me wonder if I really need it.
This product was designed with Smartphones in mind so you can use the buttons to get around and using the touch screen is not an option sometimes. I prefer the touchscreen so never really got into the button navigation.

There are plenty of options available - you can check out some on the LDS Church Publications for Handheldssite.
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Thummim python-based reader


Post by poulsone »

I'm using Thummim ( on my Nokia 770 tablet.
It's an open source python based reader. If your phone has Python, or it can be installed, that might be an option.
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