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LDSCatalog Country Sites


Post by cottrells »

I see that LDSCatalog is being rolled out to nations outside of North America ... SitesView?

Hopefully these are just the first of many and that most, if not all distribution centers around the world, will get their own presence on the internet. Are these country sites being developed in SLC or in the countries they serve?
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Most language materials not visible online.


Post by dobrichelovek »

I think that country distribution websites are a great idea! Still doesn't change the fact that I'd like to be able to see the lists of language materials online. If the lists of language materials was posted online in .pdf format (which the church seems to do very well with literature) then I wouldn't have to wait for them to ship me a printed copy of the latest language sheet and I could order what I wanted when I was set out to do so. My specific experience with this was when I wanted to order the 'NEW' green hardback of the Hymnbook in Russian, I had to order a $0.00 list of the Russian materials, find the item number, and put in an order. I understand that it would be a lot of effort (with possibly little reward) to code all of the international items on the website, but would a .pdf being available on the catalog website be too much to ask for to add to the process when the list is updated anyway?

And get those country pages going. The international members will be pleased as punch.
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