LDS Hymns Cross-Reference Chart

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LDS Hymns Cross-Reference Chart


Post by paulniebuhr »

I hope that this is the correct forum to ask this question. If not please direct me to it.

I need a list of English LDS hymns that are in the Greek Hymn book. On there is a Cross Reference chart for 4 languages, but Greek is not one of them.

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Re: LDS Hymns Cross-Reference Chart


Post by sbradshaw »

There is currently no full Greek hymnbook translation. However, there is a "Hymns and Children's Songs" booklet with 45 songs... These are the songs that are in all the "Hymns and Children's Songs" booklets (though the order may be different):

P.S. I'd be interested if you found a list of the Greek names of the songs and the and order of the songs in the booklet...
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