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Contact Previous Bishop


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We anticipate a certain family in our ward to move soon. We plan to select the option to have the new bishop contact the previous bishop when send the records out. The situation is such that we do not know when or where they might be moving. We are concerned that the new ward may request the records be fore we send them, which would result in our not being able to select the "contact previous bishop" option. Is there a way to mark the records while we still have them in our ward?


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beachman14 wrote:Is there a way to mark the records while we still have them in our ward?

See the thread Flagging Record without transferring it out.
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Don't overlook the option of just having your bishop contact their new bishop after the fact as well. Sure, it'd be nice to place the responsibility on them, but if the records move out on their own (and you decide a hold is a bit much), then just look at the confirmation report to identify the ward they moved to, and use that new ward's unit number to look up the bishop in CDOL (or even LDS maps) and have your bishop call him.
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