Budget allocations for auxiliaries etc.

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Budget allocations for auxiliaries etc.


Post by warick »

My new Bishop isn't the most PC savvy guy in the world. The previous Bishop who's moved away recently never set a budget for anyone nor gave me information to assist in that area.

Does a budget NEED to be set? Our previous Bishop preferred to have all reimbursements written to each auxiliary, but there was no budget set, he would then set the budget at the end of the year so that the numbers all matched up... makes it hard for me when a secretary or president asks what is left in the budget and I can only shrug or show them a blank screen.

My job is to make the Bishop's job easier, not complicate it, but I am not sure what priority a set budget for each group is. I am uncomfortable bugging a brand new bishop to ask him to set a budget for the auxiliaries so late into the year.

Any help you can give, advice or links to information and policy would be helpful.

I appreciate all you do!
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Post by crislapi »

I think setting a budget is helpful, particularly for the auxiliaries, but I don't think it is critical. You can certainly get by without one. Making one up at the end of the year to match actual expenses seems pointless, but may provide some insight that can help you prepare one for this year. If the bishop doesn't have this as a priority, I would suggest creating a proposed budget yourself and presenting it to him. Use previous years' expenses and information provided by each auxiliary for anticipated expenses this year to create one. This way, you can make the bishop's job easier by only having to have him approve your proposal instead of come up with the entire budget himself.

Even with a set budget, you are not tied to it. The stake will only care that as a ward you stay within your total budget amount. They shouldn't care if subcategories have overspent their allocation. That is a matter for the bishop and if he doesn't care, I wouldn't get too wrapped up in it.
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Post by russellhltn »

warick wrote:he would then set the budget at the end of the year so that the numbers all matched up.

I'd be curious as to how that worked out. Did he have a large surplus? While it's wise to careful with the Lord's money, and we shouldn't let activities get too complex or expensive, the funds are there to bless the members of the ward.
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Post by daveywest »

warick wrote:My job is to make the Bishop's job easier ...

I suggest you explain the problem to the new bishop, then ask permission to ask auxiliary heads to provide a summary of expected/requested expenses for the remainder of the year.

Using those figures, estimated 4Q allocation, and the YTD expenses, created a proposed budget for the bishop's approval.

Doing this now, will help you when you need to do the same for next year.
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