Feature Suggestion: Evernote Integration

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Feature Suggestion: Evernote Integration


Post by tevyaw »

I've been watching LDSTECH's news feed for years now (and blogged about various projects to help spread the word, etc), among other things, but haven't really participated in forums and projects until now.

I think it would be really great if there were some basic Evernote integration in the Gospel Library Android app. I'm no Dev (just a lowly designer), but it doesn't seem like it wouldn't have to be anything fancy, just use the built-in "share" function that Android uses. If it could just pass the URL of the particular passage that were selected, to the "share" feature, then the user could select Evernote (or other outlets for that matter). Once it opened a new note with the URL in it, the user would then be able to add their own notes, etc. and the note would be useful on their phone or the desktop/browser versions of Evernote as well, where the URL would just open the LDS.org scriptures.

Of course for this to work fully, the Android app would need to inject itself into whatever Android uses to determine where URL's are opened. Like when you hit a YouTube link and it opens in the YouTube app. The Gospel Library Android app would need to detect scriptures.lds.org URL's and direct you to the appropriate reference in the app.

For those who say "the Android App doesn't even integrate with the LDS.org study notebook yet," I would respond that a lot of people already use Evernote and aren't that excited about learning a new interface, etc. (though it's similar to Evernote), and would really like to keep all their notes in one place. Not just have gospel notes on LDS.org, while all their other stuff is in Evernote.

Longer-term goals could include deeper integration where you could setup links to Evernote notes inside Gospel Library, or even load content from specific Evernote notes/notebooks into the Gospel Library app. This would supply the solution some people have asked for of providing a way to include your Patriarchal Blessing or other outside resources you'd like to load into the app, while keeping them private, and putting the security and cloud storage on Evernote.

I'm not against incorporating the LDS.org Study Notebook in any way, just feel that Evernote should be considered an equally high (if not higher) priority, because of it's broad existing user-base, the fact that it's become standard for any kind of electronic note taking, not to mention private cloud document storage, and collaboration tool.

I'm not one to talk and not do, so I'd be happy to collaborate, beta test, and even do UI design on Gospel Library Android, to help make this and other cool updates possible.
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Post by blaktee »

I think this would be awesome!!!
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