Back to the future

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Back to the future

Postby marianomarini » Wed Sep 07, 2011 2:44 am

As Pres. Utchdorf mentioned in one of his talkings, sometimes solutions to modern problems came from the past.
He mentioned the solutions for a space writing system due to a crayon.
I remember the one for spaceman shave: Foam and blade!
In this forum maniy discuss about "saliva sacrament tray" problem. It can be easily solved by two tray, one empty to collect used cups!
In my professional carreer (industrial automation) I solved many problems going back to simple and less sofisticated solutions.
Usually this happen for lack of interdisciplinary approach and, more of this, because we tent to think that new tech are intrinsically better than the old one.
La vita è una lezione interminabile di umiltà (Anonimo).
Life is a endless lesson of humility (Anonimous).

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