iPhone downloadable version?

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iPhone downloadable version?

Postby Eternicus-p40 » Mon Jan 21, 2008 11:20 am

I was wondering if anyone knew of an iPhone application that contains the standard works?

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Postby emrolgould » Mon Jan 21, 2008 2:38 pm

I'm using the MP3s on my iPod touch right now. I read a post on Apple.com last night that said Apple will be releasing an SDK for iPhone and iPod touch in Feb. My guess we won't have a scripture app until after that.

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Standard works iPhone web apps

Postby mprusse » Mon Jan 21, 2008 6:49 pm

I found this elsewhere on LDS Tech forum by doing a search for "iPhone". These are web apps now but one of them has a downloadable version in the works I think.


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Convert the Scriptures to Images

Postby Josiah-p40 » Tue Jan 22, 2008 6:47 pm

You could use a "ebook to images" (http://www.merlinsoftware.com/ebook/index.htm) to turn the scriptures into images. The idea is that you can 'turn the page' by advancing to the next picture. The program gives control over output format, font, font size, image quality, etc and converts in reasonable time. Downside is no table of contents. Upside is that this works with anything that will display image files.

Project Gutenburg has the text to the Bible (http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/10) and to the Book of Mormon (http://www.gutenberg.org/etext/17). Optionally, you can convert from a wide range of ebook formats. Try an Ensign or Sunday School manual (http://www.lds.org/gospellibrary/pdfindex/0,7777,579-1,00.html)

I've also heard good things about "iPod Library" (http://www.sturm.net.nz/website.php?Section=iPod+Programs&Page=iPodLibrary)

This is clearly a work around - and a generic one at best. But until the iPhone SDK comes around and we get to work, this may be the best "downloadable" solution we have. This may also be as good as it gets for iPod Classic and Nano users (or any closed phone/media player) for some time.

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