What's Happening with LDS Connected at LinkedIn?

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What's Happening with LDS Connected at LinkedIn?

Postby KathrynGZ » Mon Feb 04, 2008 7:46 am

Hi folks,

As suggested on the home page of this site, I joined LDS Connected on LinkedIn.

Being rather new to LinkedIn, I'm wondering... where do we go from here? What can you do as part of a LinkedIn community? Are there any plans for this community? I've been working on generic things such as building my network, but I'm curious to know what the possibilities are with LDS Connected.


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Postby WelchTC » Mon Feb 04, 2008 8:25 am

Right now it is just a group inside of LinkedIn. I'm not sure that there are too many "special" things you can do other than connect with other LDS folks. Someone enlighten me if I am wrong please.


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Features of LinkedIn Group

Postby HaleDN » Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:04 pm

I'm certainly not an expert in networking or in using the LinkedIn.com site, but the biggest values I see is not necessarily the people that you know immediately, but the people that your friends and family know and can introduce you to if asked to do so. By becoming a member of this group, you have expanded that circle of "friends" significantly. In Church membership, we immediately feel a great brotherhood / sisterhood to those whom we know share our values, even if we may not know them personally.

I just did some looking around the LinkedIn site and found that when you login and go to the home page, towards the bottom right (assuming that you are part of the LDS Connected group) there is a link to view all the members of that group. From there, you can browse through the listing and look for potential contacts. If you are considering working for a specific company, you can view others in the group who are already working there. If you are considering a change in careers or just starting out, you can find people who are already doing what you would like to consider doing. This group started out with a lot of people working in and around Salt Lake City but it has expanded significantly to those outside Utah. The larger and more dispersed this group grows, the better the potential resource for its members this will become.

Because this is tightly integrated with LinkedIn and as a professional networking group, I doubt this would morph into something else. It is going to stay as a professional networking resource rather than a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace. Any features associated with membership of this group will be related to LinkedIn as a networking resource.

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