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Be a Technology Missionary: Share Your Skills to Hasten The Work

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Area Technology Specialist


Area Technology Specialists (ATS) assist areas to hasten the work of salvation.  They enable stakes and districts to become more technologically self-reliant and more able to administer the church, and to distribute the words of both general and local leaders to their members. (Mosiah 2:7-8)

Area Technology Specialists serve under the direction of the Area ICS Manager to support meetinghouse technology. They assist the area in becoming self-reliant in their use of meetinghouse technology.  Area needs vary across the Church and specific assignments may vary from area to area. 

They assist the area in encouraging all units to have called stake technology specialists (STSs)

·     They assist the area in training and coaching technology specialists in becoming self-reliant

·     Stays current on meetinghouse technology support resources

·     Assist the area in communicating with technology specialists

·     Supports the area in working with local unit leaders to develop stake and district technology plans

·     Assists with technology needs for multi-stake/area events as directed by the area

·     Assists the area with planning, implementing, and maintaining standard technology in meetinghouses

·     Conducts meetinghouse technology inventory/evaluations as directed by the area

·     Other assignments as directed by the area 

  • Time Commitment - This is a full-time international mission for couples.
  • Skills - One member of the couple needs to have good practical technical skills. The other one can assist or perform other functions.
  • Language Requirement - Language requirements are listed on the posting.


To see current opportunities, visit the Senior Missionary site here:


Please email to express your interest in serving a full-time international mission. Opportunities are for healthy seniors with no dependents who are able to finance their mission based on the area's mission cost.

Questions and Contacts

You may call 801-240-6226 or email for further information on ATS Senior Couple full-time foreign missionary opportunities.