Tech Wiki uses MediaWiki, a web-based wiki software popularly known for its use in Wikipedia. Consult the User's Guide for general information on using wiki software; consult the Guidelines page for directions specific to Tech. Here are some quick tips to help you get going.

  • Searching for Articles: To search for an article or some content within the wiki, type in your search phrase in the search box (where it says "wiki search..."). Then you can either press the Go or Search button to perform your search. The Go button will first search for an article with the exact name as you typed in. Then it will find all articles with the words you typed in. The Search button searches all articles for any of the words you typed in.
  • Creating Articles: To create an article, simply type in the search box the name of the article and press the Go button. A search will be performed with the exact article name as the one you typed in. If an article with the exact name is not found, there will be a link on the search results page that will allow you to create the article.
  • Editing Articles: To edit an article, simply press the Edit tab at the top of the article. You edit articles using "wikitext." See the MetaWiki formatting help page for a quick reference of formatting commands.
  • Discussing Articles: If you want to discuss an article,click the Discussion tab at the top of an article and type in your comments.
  • Red vs Blue Hyperlinks: Red links are links to articles within the wiki that have not been created yet. Simply click on the link and you can then create the article. Blue links are links to wiki articles already created or links to external sites.

MediaWiki software

Details on the current version of MediaWiki used by Tech can be found on the Version page. Tech will update the MediaWiki software annually to the current stable release.

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