Embedding Brightcove video in the Tech Wiki

Brightcove video files can be embedded in the Tech Wiki by using a <brightcove /> tag in the wiki text. This will generate the appropriate markup to display Brightcove video. The tag supports the following attributes:

 <brightcove playerID="" playerKey="" [videoID=""] [width=""] [height=""] [autoStart] [bgcolor=""]/>

Parameters within the brackets are optional.

<brightcove playerID="680215106001" playerKey="AQ~~,AAAAnipXZ6E~,M1TCnNhLxEKd5ft3d6_opUyOzxpih9Jg" videoID="1226236241001" />
Attribute name Description
playerID Brightcove player ID for the video
playerKey Brightcove player key for the video
videoID Brightcove video ID for the video
width Player width in pixels
height Player height in pixels
autoStart Start playing the video automatically when loaded
bgcolor Player background color (six-character hex value #nnnnnn)

Example Video 1

Example Video 2

Example Video 3

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