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Editing Pages

The following pages can help you as you create or edit pages:

  • Guidelines specific to the Tech wiki explain the procedures for creating or editing content. Templates that are helpful in editing are also explained.
  • Manual of Style provides guidelines on the form and structure of content, including standard usage of particular words and phrases.
  • Wikimedia provides the following


When you enter text in the wiki search... box near the top right of each page, you can either try to go to the page by clicking the Go button, or do a search by clicking the Search button. Pressing Enter is equivalent to clicking the Go button.

  • Go will attempt to go directly to an article whose name matches the text you entered. If no exact match can be found (either actual page titles or redirect page titles), then Go is equivalent to Search.
  • Search will search the wiki for the text you entered. On the search results page, you will see first links to pages where the title matches the search text, followed by a group of links to pages where the content matches the search text.

If you are searching for a phrase, such as "out of unit", it is helpful to enclose the phrase in double quotes to limit the results to pages where those words appear in that order.

General help on searching can be found at the Meta-wiki Search Help page.


You can use Google or other search engines to search the wiki as well. These powerful search engines can give you more power and flexibility than the built-in wiki search.

For example, if you want to find everything on the site containing the phrase "out of unit" you could do a Google search as follows:

"out of unit" site:


See the Community Portal for suggestions on ways you can contribute.

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