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Talk:Embedding Brightcove video in the Tech Wiki

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Thanks for making this simple page to show how to embed brightcove clips. a few questions/suggestions/issues:


<  brightcove playerID="" playerKey="" [videoID=""] [width=""] [height=""] [autoStart] [bgcolor=""]/>

It says elements in brackets are not required, but I would think that videoID is required - correct? so that the player knows which clip to play.

2) It would be nice to show an example there, with sample values for all possible tags. and what are the min and max values possible and/or char types for each tag.

3) What if someone wants to display a video clip hosted in Brightcove, that is not in this wiki? [apparently there is some wiki config somewhere to recognize the < brightcove /> tag]

Can you provide an example of the embed code like youtube does? (I can do a view,source on this page to find it, but other viewers of this wiki page might not know to do that....

- Thanks