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Re: "Mid-singles"

Postby rancanhando » Sun Jul 29, 2018 6:57 pm

russellhltn wrote:
sbradshaw wrote:I think "mid-singles" exists (outside of the handbook) because nobody approaching a certain age wants "young" taken out of their classification leaving an empty hole. "Mid" eases them in.
I don't think it's the title as much as the fact that singles in their upper 20's with a career has more in common with the 30 somethings than the just-turned 20 who are still in school. And there's always been a problem when a core group of friends ("clique" has a negative connotation) start crossing the YSA/SA line and can no longer attend the same events. I see the mids as a way of softening that hard border.

I don't think the prior handbooks forbid the mixing between groups. Our stake had a policy that all singles were welcome to both YSA and SA, so we didn't have the problem with that hard border. People came if they were comfortable with that group. We didn't card anyone.
I personally feel that the YSA should be allowed to join forces with the SA group being that age is just a number. Our current Prophet, President Nelson, is nearly 20 years older than his 2nd wife. He is living proof that there is no age limit that can prevent true love from occuring.

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