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Re: "Mid-singles"


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russellhltn wrote:
sbradshaw wrote:I think "mid-singles" exists (outside of the handbook) because nobody approaching a certain age wants "young" taken out of their classification leaving an empty hole. "Mid" eases them in.
I don't think it's the title as much as the fact that singles in their upper 20's with a career has more in common with the 30 somethings than the just-turned 20 who are still in school. And there's always been a problem when a core group of friends ("clique" has a negative connotation) start crossing the YSA/SA line and can no longer attend the same events. I see the mids as a way of softening that hard border.

I don't think the prior handbooks forbid the mixing between groups. Our stake had a policy that all singles were welcome to both YSA and SA, so we didn't have the problem with that hard border. People came if they were comfortable with that group. We didn't card anyone.
I personally feel that the YSA should be allowed to join forces with the SA group being that age is just a number. Our current Prophet, President Nelson, is nearly 20 years older than his 2nd wife. He is living proof that there is no age limit that can prevent true love from occuring.
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Re: "Mid-singles"


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There is no official church programme called mid singles.

The church handbook was updated in 2019 and it is very clear there is the Young Single Adult Programme (YSA) for those 18 to 30 and then the Single Adult Programme for those 31 plus. In the handbook under single members it does mention single adults wards for those 31 to 45 with no dependents but they can only be created by Stakes and Areas under special circumstances. To note it says Single Adult Wards not Mid Single Wards. We have no Single Adult Wards in Europe.

The problem with the unofficial mid singles programme is that it causes division. When a ward and/or stake puts on mid singles programmes those members refused to support normal single adult activities. This then defaults the single adult programme into a 46 plus programme of which two thirds of those members are 70 plus. The 70 plus members are not interested in conventions or dances they just want to do board games. This leaves the single adults that are 46 to 69 (of which I am one) wanting conventions and dances, well the same activities that the 31 to 45 want but it does not happen because there are simply not enough single adults aged 46 to 69 to support this. Mid Singles direct discriminates those single members that are 46 to 69.

We also need to look very carefully, the Young Single Adult Programme is more and more being replaced by Young Adults. What I expect in the future that the church will merge YSA and SA as one adult single programme.
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