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Job Search Emails


Post by nickdm »

I'm having trouble stopping the job search emails I requested quite some time ago. I have removed my email and saved searches from my profile, but continue to receive them every day. The Global Service Center has been unhelpful. Can anyone look into this for me?
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Re: Job Search Emails


Post by mevans »

I'm not sure where the job search emails are coming from. Can you elaborate a little bit where you signed up for them? For example, are these job search emails to be a church employee? Or are they job search emails from a self-reliance job search resource?

I would think the emails would have a footer with an unsubscribe link or at least information on who's sending them. Is there any relevant information in the footer of the email that might be helpful? If so, please post it. Also, the "from" address on the email might be helpful.
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