Can't make a donation online

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Can't make a donation online


Post by rschehda »

Hi, I am living in Switzerland like 3 months ago, and when I go to the donations page it only appears the history of donations that I've made, but it doesn't appear the paper to fill to make a donation. :?

What's the problem? Do I have to make a donation in person first, so that will allow me to pay online then or what?

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Re: Can't make a donation online


Post by lajackson »

Online donations are different from in person donations and one is not required in order to do the other. You can always donate in person. You can only donate online if your country has an online donation system.

Your clerk will be able to help you donate online if Switzerland has an online system. It will require that you have a Swiss banking account.

If you have been donating online in the past in another country and have moved to Switzerland, and you wish to continue to donate as you have been from the same bank account you were using, there is a way this can be done. Many who move temporarily do this. You would need to contact the donations department for assistance.
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