Linking Scriptures to a Single Note

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Linking Scriptures to a Single Note


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Currently when I mark a scripture, I can write a note, tag the scripture, assign it to a notebook, and add links to other scriptures.
When I do research, I might prepare a note that is quite extensive. It may even be used for a talk in sacrament meeting.
But link a note to one scripture. So if the note involves multiple scriptures, I can link other scriptures to a scripture with that note.
However, I would like to be able to link the scripture to a note. Enter the note once, link scriptures to that note.
Then when I go to those scriptures, the note is already there. No need to write multiple copies of the same note.

There are also features on the App that aren't available online. I tend to study scriptures with my phone app and my laptop with multiple windows open.
I would like them to all have the same features.
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