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Chromebook FAQ

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    • Should you choose a Chromebook or a Windows Computer when it is time to replace your existing computer?
      • Units may order either device when it is time to replace the current clerk computer.   A Chromebook is the preferred option and will allow a unit to complete all handbook required tasks. A Windows Computer should be ordered when the unit is using the device for activities beyond tasks required by the handbook.   Please consult with other computer users prior to making your decision and make sure to communicate your choice to your Stake or District Technology Specialist who will communicate with the Facility Manager.
    • What will ship with the Chromebook?
      • Chromebooks will be shipped with a wireless mouse and keyboard. If necessary, a dongle will be shipped to support a wired connection to the building network. An existing monitor may be used with the Chromebook.
    • Should I keep my old printer?
      • If a local unit’s current printer is not compatible with Chromebook, please work with your FM to purchase a compatible multi-function printer with wireless capability. Click here for a list of compatible printers.
    • Should I connect the computer to the hard-wired network or WIFI?
      • When possible, connect the computer to the hard-wired network.  
    • If I need to use WIFI, which network should I connect to?
      • Because LEHI network passwords change frequently, it is recommended to use LIAHONA. You can set up the computer so that it automatically validates itself without having to use the Terms and Conditions splash screen.  See this WIKI article to bypass the authentication screen.  
    • What do I do to get rid of the old Windows PC when it is replaced?
      • A Tech Specialist is responsible for erasing the Hard Drive of any computer that is being replaced. Please see this WIKI article to erase a Windows PC Hard Drive. Facilities Managers (FMs) are responsible for the retirement of all hardware in the building.  
    • Will the Chromebook come already managed by the Church?
      • All Clerk Computers should be managed by the Church.  When a Chromebook is purchased through CDW, it will come preconfigured for Church Management. Chromebooks ordered through another provider will need to be enrolled in the Church Management system.  This is done by the Technology Specialist following this WIKI article.
    • Do I need an account on the Chromebook to do my work?
      • No. Anyone using the GUEST account can open and use any of the Church provided websites like LCR using their Church Account.  
    • Who can set up a saved account on the Chromebook?
      • Anyone with one of the following callings can set up an account on the Chromebook using their personal church account IDs.
      • Ward/Branch Clerks, including Assistant Clerks
      • Stake/District Clerks, including Assistant Clerks   
      • Technology Specialists  
      • Bishops and Branch Presidents
    • What software comes pre-installed on the Chromebook
      • A browser will be the primary application used on the Chromebook. Users will log into Church-provided web applications (including LCR) using their Church credentials. Other approved applications may also come preinstalled.  For information on other applications which can be added to a Church computer, please see this WIKI article.
    • What else should be known about Chromebooks
      • Please act appropriately to keep the Chromebook safe, such as keeping it locked in a drawer or closet when not in use. As with other clerk computing equipment, the Chromebook should not leave the building unless approved by the unit leader.
      • Windows-based computers are replaced every five years—the replacement cycle for the Chromebooks is up to eight years based on OS updates.  
      • More information and support articles will be made available as the Chromebook offering becomes available.  If you have questions, please contact the GSD,  [[1]], and the Computer Product Page on the Tech Wiki.