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Church Network Manager

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Church Network Manager (CNM) is the Replacement of Technology Manager ( TM )

  1. Login
    1. Website:  
    2. The old website will forward to  
    3. Use the same username and password used for TM
    4. CNM will perform all the same network management functions as TM
  2. The dashboard page after login will show the buildings in your assigned area or you will be able to search for the property:
    1. To see the network details of a property, click on the name of the property
    2. New feature: “Add Temporary Property” will allow you to add a network to a new building that is not yet in the Church Property Management system.
  3. Network details of a property
    1. Click on the Firewall serial number
    2. New Feature: provide a name for the firewall by clicking the edit icon below the serial number
  4. Switch Management
    1. Click on the three dots next to the Switch serial number
      1. Rename: Label the switch with a meaningful name
      2. Ports - configure each port on the switch – see port configuration below
      3. Blink - Blinks the status light on the front panel of the switch
      4. Reboot - restarts the switch which causes temporarily network outage for connected devices
      5. Remove - Removes the switch from this network
        1. New Switch Management.png
    2. Switch Port configuration:
      1. Assignment - assign the correct configuration.  See Switch Installation / Configuration Guide
      2. LLDP - data that Meraki provides for each connected Meraki device
      3. Enabled - Green check = enabled, Circle = disabled
      4. POE -   informs you if the port is Power Over Ethernet (PoE) enabled
      5. Connected – informs you that a device is connected to this port
  5. Wireless Management
    1. Manage SSID
      1. Set the password for the Lehi SSID - must be set before Lehi can be enabled
      2. Set a schedule for the Liahona SSID - If a schedule is set, you cannot disable Liahona.
    2. Enable or Disable Lehi and Liahona SSIDs by using the toggle button
    3. Click on the three dots next to the Wireless Access Point (AP)serial number
      1. Rename - label the AP with the AP location
      2. Blink – blinks the status light on the AP
      3. Reboot – restarts the AP
      4. Remove – Removes the AP from the network
  6. Menu Functions:
    1. Add Devices:  add a Switch or Access Points to this network using the device serial number
    2. IP Assignment: assign a fixed IP address to a device that must have the same IP address
    3. Group Policy: add devices that need to bypass the Liahona Splash Screen
    4. Zones:  Add zones to the network (Workforce and Special Purpose)
    5. Filter Policy:   configure the firewall to be managed, moderate, or strict
    6. Change Log:  records any change on the network
    7. Blink Firewall – blinks the status light on the firewall
    8. Reboot Firewall – reboots the firewall, causes temporary outage, no settings lost
    9. Remove Network - removes the network from CNM and from the property, All settings will be lost.
      1. Menu Funtions.png